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Surprise! 48 Hours Notice My Butt


When my mom told me at about 10am this morning that the TTC was on strike, I didn't believe her.  Firstly, it seemed like a pretty good deal, so why would the union reject the offer on the table?  Secondly, the TTC union promised 48 hours notice before striking, and when I turned of the laptop last night, there was nothing about a strike on the wire.

There's something rotten in the state of Denmark.  How many Friday night clubbers and bar hoppers staggered onto the streets after midnight only to discover the TTC was closed for buisiness?  As I type, there's a sold-out crowd at the ACC for the Raptors game and at BMO Field for Toronto FC.  The Better Way wasn't an option, which meant more cars clogging the streets.  Thousands of Torontonians are actively working on contingency plans, figuring out how they're getting to work Monday morning.  It just doesn't seem right, does it?

The Ontario legislature will meet tomorrow to debate legislation to force 9,000 striking Toronto transit workers back on the job as soon as possible.  To his credit, John Tory has said the Progressive Conservatives will back the Liberal bill, but Howard Hampton isn't tipping his hand.  Without NDP support, the bill could be delayed up to five days.  Oh joy.

I've got a complaint, so I'm going to use this handy TTC complaint form.  You should do the same.  Let 'em have it, Toronto.

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