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Almost a year after I wrote about the other Mike Boon, he found the entry and left a comment.  The other Mike Boon is a New Zealand comedian who has retired to teach.  Here's what he said earlier today.

Here's an answer to some of your questions. Yes I do know Flight of the Conchords - they are friends of mine from days gone by. I have 'retired' from comedy am now a school teacher although I've recently done some stand-up for kids in the current NZ comedy festival, so I'm thinking about getting back into it as a bit of a hobby.
Any further information you wish to know then drop me a line!
Mr B

The other Mike Boon, the comedian turned teacher, is also a blogger at  He seems to have the same frustrations with the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team that I have with the Leafs.

Boonman, I feel your pain.

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