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Freddie P had a nice little entry on his blog about MOJO Radio, which launched seven years ago this week.  640 on your AM dial, it was billed as talk radio for guys, and Humble Howard and Fred Patterson moved over from CFNY to work the morning shift.

Humble & Fred was my morning show of choice throughout the 1990s.  That covered just about my entire high school and university career as well as my first full-time gig.  I loved the music on 102.1 and I loved the hilarious banter between the two.

As I recall, they started simulcasting their show on 640.  That meant, for a little while at least, you were hearing the exact same morning show on both CFNY and what was soon to become MOJO Radio.  I should have known something was up... I was pretty ticked when I learnt Humble and Fred were leaving my radio station for some damn AM thing.

Although I tried, I had difficulty following the boys over to MOJO.  To be honest, I found the whole Mojo thing to be pretty stupid.  It just seemed dumbed down and annoying.  Yes, Humble and Fred still had their moments, and I discovered this awesome little show by a fellow named Mike Stafford, but I refused to make time for anyone else on the station.  By the time Humble and Fred left for Mix 99.9, I was already gone.

It's funny how life takes these twists and turns.  I had lunch with Humble two days ago at a great little Italian Restaurant by the video production company he's working at.  Then, the very next day, Humble met Freddie for lunch, their first hang time since the Valentine's Day Podcast of Love, and I was in the room with Humble, Fred and Dan Duran for that one.  Speaking of Freddie P., I've been working a cool new project with him these past few weeks, something I'm hoping we'll announce next week.

They're both great guys and I like them even better in person than I did when I awoke to their voices every weekday morning.  MOJO didn't work out as planned, but had it succeeded, I'd be short a couple of buddies.

Like I said, life is strange.  You never know what's behind the corner...

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