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Missed Opportunities


I listened to the first 10 minutes of the Raptor game while driving home from ball practice.  We sounded awful.  For the second game in this playoff series, the Magic were all over us early.  I thought we were going to get blown out.

I tuned in later, just to see how it was going.  We had battled back.  The final minutes of this game were thrilling as we clung to a one point lead with just over a minute to go.  There were three missed opportunities, all involving Chris Bosh.

  1. Chris Bosh's pass to the wrong team late in the 4th.  This play broke my heart, because we had the offensive rebound and Bosh inexplicably threw it right into the hands of the opposition.  At the time, we were up by a point.
  2. The non-call on Dwight Howard.  Down by one with just under 30 seconds to play, Bosh went up to draw a foul.  He was clearly fouled by Howard, but the refs didn't call it.  You don't want to hear what I yelled at the tv after this play.
  3. With seconds left, Bosh put up the shot that would win it.  It was an easier shot than the one Vince Carter took to win game 7 against the 76ers.  If Bosh hits this, we come home with a split on the road and the momentum is ours.

Those three CB4 moments are still ringing in my head the next morning.  The game was there for the taking, but we couldn't make it happen.  I just don't think this team is ready yet.

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