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The TTC has agreed to study the feasibility of selling corporate naming rights to subway stations as a way to raise money.

The controversial request for a study of practices in other cities came from commissioner Peter Milczyn, who cited an ad from the Middle East city of Dubai inviting corporations to "Turn your brand into a destination" by buying rights to two new transit lines and 23 stations being built there.
"If one of the wealthiest jurisdictions in the world is looking at doing this, we should at least look at it," he said.
Saying "beggers can't be choosers," Milczyn noted the TTC is embarking on an ambitious expansion while struggling to raise operating funds.

Boy, do I hate this idea.  Does absolutely everything have to be corporatized?  I don't want to take the subway to Home Depot station or McDonald's station.

Here's hoping this idea dies a quick death.  Better it than me.

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