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My Own Prison


In addition to My Hootastic Cross to Bear I must confess to another guilty pleasure from the 1990s.  I'm throwing this out there in the hopes that my full disclosure will absolve me from all sin.

In 1997, Christian-ish rock band Creed released their debut album My Own Prison.  Creed had a string of hits, but they were sort of like Nickelback before there was a Nickelback, so it wasn't cool to be a Creed fan.  Were they trying to sound like Pearl Jam?  Were they bible thumpers? We didn't know but we knew it was wrong.

As much as I tried to fight the hooky rock sounds of Creed, I couldn't help but really dig "What's This Life For", one of the hits off of My Own Prison.  It was the guiltiest of pleasures that climaxed with me watching Creed headline an Edgefest one July night at Molson Park in Barrie.

I just realized I've confessed to this guiltiest of pleasures before.  Now what's worse, me digging that Hootie track or the fact I'll still sing along to this Creed song if I hear it piping through my local Walmart?

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