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Marlies Bobblehead Blast


For the second time in two weeks, James and I spent a Sunday afternoon taking in a Toronto Marlies game at the Ricoh Coliseum.  The more I visit the Ricoh Coliseum, the more I love it.

Firstly, there isn't a bad seat in the building.  I've sat close to the top, in a box and now three rows behind the goaltender, and the sight lines are awesome.  I could practically whisper in Scott Clemmensen's ear today.

Secondly, the vibe is always really fun.  Those in attendance are genuine hockey fans who really get into the game.  I was part of a franchise record crowd today, as we all got Tomas Kaberle bobblehead dolls.  Tomas freakin' Kaberle.  That's awesome.

Thirdly, the calibre of hockey is very good.  The Marlies are having a fantastic season and have a legitimate chance of winning the Calder Cup.  We didn't get the win today, but it was a one goal game with less than a minute to play and another great game.

And finally, I can actually enjoy a Marlies game with my son.  Getting tickets to Leafs games is a near impossibility and when you do get a ticket, you usually end up going with another adult.  It's different with the Marlies.  A 4pm start is prefect for a six year old, Duke the Dog covers every inch of the arena and tickets are affordable and aplenty.

Go Marlies Go!

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