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I Hate Perfection


I hear there's a pretty big football game today.  I'll tune in at some point in the first half after I get home from seeing one of the films on my see list.  I'm going to watch "Juno".

For a few reasons, I'll be rooting for the New York Giants.  It's more like I'm rooting against the New England Patriots than rooting for the Giants, and there are two primary motivating factors.

I Hate Perfection
The idea of perfection turns me off.  Other than those who live in New England, who would want to root for a perfect season?  These guys have won enough, and they're clearly the best team in the NFL, and that's precisely why I hope there's an upset tonight.  It's the Giants' imperfections that give them character.

I'm Sick Of Boston
The Red Sox won again last season, the Patriots have won enough and the Celtics are suddenly great again.  I'm sick of Boston winning and it's simply unfair for one city to be home to both the reigning Super Bowl and World Series champions.  If the Pats win, there's a chance they'll be home to the NBA champions as well, and that thought makes me nauseous.

In honour of Super Bowl Sunday, a day that used to mean a great deal more to me, here's my favourite Super Bowl ad of them all.

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