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Edgefest 2008: Call It A Comeback


Our friends at 102.1 The Edge have announced their lineup for Edgefest 2008.  They actually didn't hold an Edgefest in 2007, ending a string of 20 consecutive shows.  Before I throw you the lineup, I have an Edgefest spiel to share.

I used to love these things.  There were big lineups and solid headliners and they usually held it at Molson Park in Barrie, my favourite concert venue.  The last Edgefest I attended was 2003's Farewell to Molson Park.  The Tragically Hip headlined and they were supported by CanCon heavyweights Our Lady Peace, Sloan and others.  It was awesome, but the very next year's lineup was so horrible, it threatened to destroy the franchise.

You can read my reaction to learning the 2004 Edgefest lineup here.  Good Charlotte, the epitome of all that is wrong with popular music today, was scheduled to headline.  This set off a string of email exchanges between CFNY Program Director Alan Cross and myself.  I wasn't so upset at the fact I hated the headlining band, I was more disturbed by the hypocrisy of it all considering 102.1 wouldn't even play Good Charlotte.

The lineup for Edgefest 2005 wasn't much better, and by 2006 this once great event was evoking yawns from old fogies like me.  I like to think I played a small role in the cancellation of last year's Edgefest and the vastly improved lineup this year.  Yes, I'm that egotistical.

On July 12th at Downsview Park, Edgefest 2008 will feature Stone Temple Pilots, Linkin Park, Sam Roberts and more.  Once I know the more, I'll throw that info in the comments.  This is an Edgefest I'd attend, and I haven't said that in five years.

I'm pretty sure Good Charlotte won't be on the bill...

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