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Uncle Bruce


I'm still in shock.  At 10:39 am I received this instant message from my mom.  "Bruce is dead michael" followed immediately by "i feel sick".

Bruce Gowan was married to my mother's only sister for over 35 years.  That made him a key part of my family from the moment I was born.  He passed away quite suddenly this morning at the young age of 58 leaving behind a loving wife, two children and a grandson.  A granddaughter is on the way.

When I got the news, I left work to be with my aunt and cousins.  There is nothing as sad as the sudden passing of a loved one.  There's no time for goodbyes, no time for a final hug, no time to prepare yourself for the fact an integral part of your life is departing.  All we're left with are the memories.

My memories of Uncle Bruce are good ones.  He was a very kind man who was always there if you needed him.  As a teenager, he helped me buy my first car.  When I struggled installing a 240 volt outlet in my basement, I called Uncle Bruce for advice.  He put others first, loved his family and is already missed like crazy by those who knew him and loved him.

This is Uncle Bruce a couple of summers ago at my brother's wedding.  He's here with his son.  The two were inseparable.  Life is fleeting.  Carpe diem.

Father and Son
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