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Toronto's Car Pound Scam


I had a 3pm appointment at King and York, and it was colder than a witch's tit out there today, so I was pretty pleased to find a parking meter right on King by the Roy Thompson Hall.  I was also pretty pleased that I could buy an hour of time for $3.50.  After all, I wouldn't need more than that.

The appointment went longer than expected and I lost track of time and completely forgot that I could only park on King until 4pm.  I got to my parking spot at 4:09pm.  Note that I got to my parking spot and not my car. My car was nowhere to be seen.  When the clock strikes 4, the parking authority tags and the tow truck drivers strike.  It was freezing cold, windier than Chicago and I had just been ordered to rest my leg for six weeks.  And now I was staring at the spot where my car used to be coming to the realization it had been towed at some point during the previous 9 minutes.

I was lucky enough to spot another tow truck driver doing his thing, and I asked the guy if I could bum a ride to the pound.  He was cool with that so I didn't have to go about figuring out where the hell the pound was and paying a cabbie to get me there.

This car pound scam is a killer.  They essentially hold your car hostage unless you fork over $105.  $105 for getting to my parking spot nine minutes late.  And that's not all, there's also a $60 ticket, although I'll go to court to fight that sucker.

I spent $105 to park my car for a little more than one hour but I got home to find an unexpected cheque in the mail from Google.  Google's cheque was for exactly $105.

Click an ad on your way out, will ya.

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