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Learning to Dodge That Ball


Tonight, I played my second game of dodgeball this season.  We lost the first game last Tuesday but tonight we destroyed the competition.  I thought I'd share my thoughts of the game of dodgeball now that I've had some seasoning.

First and foremost, dodgeball is hard on your throwing arm.  By the end of the hour, your arm feels like it's going to fall off.  Even lifting my arm to touch my right ear hurts.  You're drilling the ball at the opposition with all your might but you can't let them catch it, so you just throw like a maniac.  By the time my arm is feeling normal again, it will be time to mess it up again with game #3.

Dodgeball is far tougher than you'd think. There are four balls in play at all times and sometimes the opposition will have them all.  That's when you're weaving and dodging and flipping and flopping to stay alive.  With every game I got stronger as I got a feel for the timing and strategy, and now I'm loving it.  It's a fantastic way to spend 60 minutes.

I just hate our team nickname.  It's Duck Or I'll Hit You In The Face or something like that.  I would have gone with something snappier.  Just try yelling "Go Duck Or I'll Hit You In The Face Go!"

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