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Mats, We Love You, Now Go!


Mats, we need to talk.  It's about us.  We've been close for over a decade, you're our star and we love you, and it's because I love you that I want you to get out.  Go!  Jump on the QEW and head West young man.

I know Nik Lidstrom and other Swedish members of the Detroit Red Wings have been in contact with you.  I know they want you to join the Red Wings at the trade deadline.  I know everything, and it's okay.

I want you to win the cup.  You deserve it.  You're a team player, loyal to a fault and highly skilled.  You're not going to win the Stanley Cup here in Toronto, but you might in Detroit.  You'd be a perfect fit there.

I've never cheered for the Red Wings, but if you go there I'll root for them to win it all.  Mats, we love you, now go!

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