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Sydney Blues, 1995 ABL Champs


Fans of the Jays all share great memories of "OK Blue Jays (Let's Play Ball)".  I stream that song on this page and every once in a while someone leaves a comment about the great memories that song conjures up and the chills it induces.  Without exception, those comments have come from Blue Jay fans, typically Torontonians, but today I learnt about another team that used that song.

David, from Sydney, Australia, left this comment early this morning.

I remember back in the mid-nineties this song was used for the Sydney Blues Baseball Club in the short-lived Australian Baseball League (especially in 1996 when we were Champions) as Sydney was affiliated with Toronto. Hearing it again gave me great memories. Can you all do us Aussies a favour and make some noise about starting a professional baseball league up in Australia again? I loved it first time I saw it.

According to Wikipedia, the Sydney Storm, originally Sydney Blues were a team in the now defunct Australian Baseball League. The franchise won one ABL championship under the former name, defeating the Melbourne Reds in the 1995 championship, also finishing runner-up twice - once (as the Blues) against the Brisbane Bandits in 1994, and in the final ABL season in 1999, defeated by the Gold Coast Cougars.

I had no idea.  I'm fascinated by the fact another professional baseball team on the other side of the world was using our song for their seventh inning stretches.  That whole verse about bringing on the White Sox and the BoSox and all lost its meaning, but that's okay... it's a night game.  I searched for a Sydney Blues logo but all I could find was this low-res version.

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