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I'm a For Better or For Worse fan, and I recently discovered a great blog for fans of the strip.  It's called The FOOBiverse! and every day the strip is discussed in a very snarky and hilarious manner.  It's the kind of blog I wish I had started.

Speaking of For Better or For Worse, Grandpa Jim had another stroke and is in bad shape.  Lynn Johnston is doing a hybrid of old and new strips these days, and it's working out well.  We just revisited a younger Grandpa Jim from the days when Michael was a baby and then we came back to the current day to see him suffer another stroke.  The juxtaposition of the younger, vibrant Jim with the unresponsive, elderly Jim was pretty jolting, and damn effective.

Note to Self: You may feel fit right now in your youth, as if you can take on the world and accomplish anything, but one day, if you're lucky, you will get very old and die.

TGIF everyone!

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