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The Ballad of Wendel Clark


I've been helping Buffalo Boy start up his own blog.  I just popped over to see how he's doing and I was delighted to find this entry in which he shares The Rheostatics' "The Ballad of Wendel Clark, Part 1&2".

If you remember Etobicoke in the mid-80s, watching this video is a trip down memory lane.  My favourite part is the scenes of the Old Mill Donuts shop which I fondly recall.  It was on Dundas Street West, between Islington Avenue and Burnhamthorpe Road, where the Second Cup is now.  I hadn't thought about Old Mill Donuts in years.

There's more fantastic Etobicokery as well, and it's a pretty cool tune honouring a Leaf great who was all heart.

Well done, Buffalo Boy. Just remember what I told you about leaving the entry mark-up to the CSS...

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