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My Inherent Disadvantage


I heard from a few sources yesterday that Bob Mersereau was promoting his book The Top 100 Canadian Albums which ranks the top Canadian albums of all time.  Freddie P wrote about this on his blog and gave his top five.  I was surprised to realize that I've never ranked my favourite Canadian albums of all time.  I've ranked the top 100 Canadian songs and my favourite albums, but not my favourite Canadian albums.

As I started forming my list I quickly realized I'm at quite the disadvantage.  Let's take Neil Young, for example, my favourite Canadian singer of all time.  The first Neil Young album I bought was Freedom which I purchased after falling in love with "Rockin' in the Free World".  Then, I bought Decade, a double album of his biggest hits from 1966 and 1976.  So you see, I can't really speak to the wonders of Harvest or After the Gold Rush, two albums that would rank very high on my list if you checked out my top 100 Canadian songs list.

The same is true for The Guess Who, a band I really only know from Greatest Hits collections.  Still, I'm going to give this a shot.  It's supposed to be subjective, and when I leave After the Gold Rush off my list, you'll now know why.

I'm too young to appreciate albums released ahead of the '80s.  That's my inherent disadvantage.

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