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If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know I've been sort of proud of the fact I've never owned a mobile phone.  I was almost given a phone just for blogging about it, but I turned it down.  The iPhone piqued my interest, but it's not yet available in Canada and I'm not ready to spend that kind of money on something I've lived comfortably without for 33 years.

For 33 years I've been without a cell phone, but today my streak ends.  My employer just handed me a Blackberry.  This is the perfect phone for me, it's a phone I won't have to pay for.  The ramifications of this event cannot be overstated.

I'm now reachable just about everywhere, when I'm used to being completely uncontactable during times I'm in the car, walking the streets, shopping, or whatever.  Even if I turn it off, it's got voicemail, and I'm going to be expected to check a voicemail within a reasonable amount of time.  It's a virtual leash I've never desired, and now it's strapped on and ready to vibrate.

I've been Blackberried.  Mark the date.  I think I did quite well making it deep into 2007 before going mobile.

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