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Alejandra Navarro-Allende Devalues High Five

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It's well documented I'm a fan of the high five, but as a fan, I feel it's my duty to protect the integrity of the high five.  The high five should mean something, and when I see someone grossly overusing it, I grow concerned.

Alejandra Navarro-Allende and I run together, and I'm only referring to her by her full name because it's a pretty cool name and I told her I'd secure the #1 position in Google for her name.  Alejandra Navarro-Allende overuses the high five.  She wants to high five the entire group every ten minutes or so.  These aren't high fives to celebrate an accomplishment or completion of the run, they're just high fives to celebrate the fact we haven't stopped running or given up.

Such gross over usage of the high five seriously devalues the high five.  When we're done, it's time for yet another high five but it's underwhelming after six or so were already dispersed.  I love high fives, and I'd like them to remain special.  I want them to mean something.

Alejandra Navarro-Allende, please stop devaluing the high five.  One high five can say hello and one can be reserved for the finish of the run, but that's it.

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