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Bring Back the Old Blue Jays Logo


Yes, I realize this is my third sports-related entry in a row, but whatcha gonna do?  It's all about me, remember?

I officially despise the new Blue Jays logo.  My brother gave me a gift card for the official Blue Jays store and I've yet to use it because every item has that damn soul-less logo plastered on it except for two styles of retro fitted caps.  I don't like fitted caps.  Further hunting reveals a Cooperstown jacket with the old beloved logo on it, but it's $110.

What exactly was wrong with that sharp looking double blue blue jay over top the baseball with our red Canadian maple leaf prominently displayed?  Was it too Canadian?  Too associated with success?  Too popular?

The new logo is starting to seriously piss me off as I pang more and more for the old logo.  There's power in numbers and it's time we did something about this.  It's time we bring back the old Blue Jays logo.

Retro Jays Hat
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