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Mike Stafford Moved for The Bill Watters Show with Jeff Marek


AM 640 is making some changes.  Their Leafs Lunch show did well, so they're throwing The Bill Watters Show with Jeff Marek in the afternoon slot to try and steal some of Bob McCown's Prime Time Sports audience from the Fan 590.

I'm bummed about this move.  I don't listen to much AM 640, but their current afternoon drive guy is top notch.  When they move Mike Stafford to make way for The Bill Watters Show with Jeff Marek, they're moving him from the rare block of time I actually listen to AM radio.  Others sing Stafford's praises, but there's a publicly declared bias that may mute the sentiment.  That doesn't mean the praise isn't justified, because it is.

I've never met Mike Stafford, so when I tell you this guy is the best in show, I mean it.  He knows a lot about a lot and tempers that with a good sense of humour and a sensitive touch, but not too sensitive.  Also, his knowledge of Simpsons trivia is second to none, although the current format at AM 640 (whatever this current format is) doesn't give him much opportunity to flex that muscle.

If only the AM 640 nerds would give his blog an RSS feed...

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