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The Crocs Authority, According to Slate


I noticed a traffic spike to this site this morning, so I checked it out and learnt a link from this Slate article is the culprit.

The article is about Crocs, and they linked to my entry about The Crocs Conundrum.  They look nerdy, but they feel good.

Here's Slate's reference to me in The Croc Epidemic: How a heinous synthetic shoe conquered the world by Meghan O'Rourke.

A first-time Crocs wearer will indeed find that the shoes are springy and light, as their fans aver, and cushion the feet with what some have called a "marshmallow fluffiness." On a muggy New York day, the holes punched in the toe box allow for a soothing breeze to cool the sweating foot. Even so, the ratio of shame to comfort was extreme. When everyone else on the avenue is garbed in proper footwear—even something as unpretentious as flat sandals or ballet flats—an adult, it seemed to me, must blush at the sight of her bulbous feet. But those who wear Crocs all day long swear that the springy material holds up like nothing else; one painter reported that his chronic shin splints disappeared after he began wearing Crocs. Thus was born what one blogger has labeled the "Croc conundrum": Crocs make you look absurd, but they can change your life.

Welcome, Slatesters.

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