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Juan, my buddy from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, knows I want this blog to be used for good, not evil.  I'm enjoying quite the streak of happiness with bright blue skies above, but Juan tells me 1.35 million people in Canada are suffering from depression.

A new study led by Queen’s University scientist Dr. Kate Harkness, in collaboration with scientists at CAMH, seeks to examine the factors that cause the very first onset of depression in young adulthood. This study is called Blue Sky Project. It is the first study to focus specifically on the very first episode of the illness to uncover its initial causes. This study is vital because if scientists can understand what causes the disorder in the first place, this will help in the early identification and treatment of young people at risk. Unfortunately the vast majority of young people on their first onset of depression do not receive treatment of any kind.

The goal of Blue Sky Project is to raise awareness of depression among young people and to provide expert pharmacological treatment with close individual monitoring by a psychiatrist. Participants will receive a methodologically rigorous assessment and may also receive close follow-up care for at least 18 months. A detailed write-up of the assessment results can also be provided for the participant.

If you’re between the ages of 18-29, live within the Greater Toronto Area, and think you may be depressed, you can see if you’re eligible to partake in Blue Sky Project. There’s no wait list and appropriate costs will be covered. They will do what they can to assist in some way every person who contacts them.

Call 416.979.4294 or email  Tell them Toronto Mike sent ya.

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