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Where Was LaKisha?


Last Tuesday, I went out after my run to celebrate the conclusion of my Learn to Run clinic.  At about 11pm that night, I decided to record the West coast feed of American Idol to watch when I had an hour of chill time.  That's right kids, I own something called a VCR and I record programs onto a VHS cassette tape.  Maybe I'll take a picture and show you this relic from a previous age, but I digress...

It was a busy week, and this free hour never materialized.  Finally, on Monday night, I decided to throw in last week's AI.  What I saw was some TLC show about a family with 12 kids.  Taryn, it seems, recorded over LaKisha, Melinda, Jordin and Blake and I never got to see the Bee Gees ep.  Please, save your tears for LaKisha, I noticed she was no longer with us last night.  Why, America?  Was she really so bad?

Each contestant sang three songs last night, and I think I've got all three finalists figured out.  Blake is the cool, current dude who would probably have the most commercial appeal of the three.  I thought he was pretty cool, even though I was jealous that I could never pull off wearing a vest like that.  Or could I?  Hmmm....

Melinda is always good, but I've yet to sip the Melinda kool-aid.  I dunno, I can't help but think of how much cooler Tina Turner was than Melinda is.  Still, Melinda deserves to be in the finals and if she's voted out there could be riots in Necklessville.

Finally, we have young Jordin, who looks like she could play for the Argos.  She can also sing, which probably makes this the tightest final three I can recall.  Based on Jordin's songs last night, I think it's time for her to depart to give us a neat little Blake ~ Melinda smack down next week.

I miss LaKisha.

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