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Welcome Back, LaKisha


Welcome back, LaKisha.  You were missed.  You were my favourite from the start, but you seemed to lose your way in recent weeks.  Last night, your performance of Bon Jovi's "This Ain’t a Love Song” was the best of the bunch.

LaKisha, go get Blake and put him in front of the Idol PC.  Blake, that reworked version of “You Give Love a Bad Name” required stones, but you pulled it off.  It was so cool, I almost forgot I was watching AI.  Now go get Jordin, if you don't mind.

Jordin, what happened?  I though you might win this thing.  Last week, I had you pegged as the best of the final six but last night you brutally murdered “Living On a Prayer”.  Do you realize what that song means to me?  Do you understand how many mix tapes I made with that song on it?  You're young, you're fun, but you're going home.

Here are my three favourites from last night:

  1. LaKisha Jones
  2. Blake Lewis
  3. Melinda Doolittle

Here are my three least favourite from last night:

  1. Jordin Sparks
  2. Phil Stacey
  3. Chris Richardson
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