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Layne Staley and Mad Season's River of Deceit


One of my all-time favourite bands is Alice In Chains.  I love that moody, grinding, grungy melody and Layne Staley's vocals still send shivers down my spine.

I was listening to Alan Cross' Ongoing History of New Music episode on Layne Staley and he reminded me of Mad Season.  Mad Season was a Seattle supergroup that released a single album back in 1995.  Mad Season featured Layne Staley on vocals, Pearl Jam's Mike McCready on guitar, as well as members of the Screaming Trees and other Seattle bands.

I only really know one Mad Season song, but it's awesome.  For a trip back to the mid-90s and a reminder of just how good Layne Staley was, here's the video for "River of Deceit".

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