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The Fratellis Flathead Video


I just lamented about the fact Jill beat me to the punch by submitting The Fratellis' "Flathead" for SLS17 consideration.  It's a catchy as all hell sorta tune and I'm totally digging it.

Here are some things I just learnt about The Fratellis.

  • They formed in Glasgow, Scotland
  • They go by the names Barry, Mince and Jon Fratelli, but this is a Ramones kind of thing and they aren't really brothers or Fratelli's
  • This tune was featured in an iPod ad earlier this year, although I don't recall the ad
  • My favourite theory as to how they got their name is the Goonies theory - the Fratelli's were the bad guys in The Goonies
  • On March 23 they performed this song on Conan, but of course I was sound asleep and missed yet another "I remember when" moment

Did I mention there's a really-cool-yet-smoking-hot video for "Flathead", too?  Here it is...

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