A Waste of a Perfectly Good Slice of Pizza

baseballCheck out this footage from the Red Sox and Angels game. You'll see a poor bastard getting hit by a slice of pizza thrown at him by an angry fan. It's graphic, so consider yourself warned.

I could write a killer entry about the time I had a slice of pizza thrown at me, but it didn't penetrate my "fit for public consumption" filter. My brothers know the story and are probably enjoying a good chuckle right now.

I don't mind having objects thrown at me, but wasting a good slice of pizza is so wrong on so many levels.

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I agree. It drives me crazy when my Mom throws out her crust! Pizza Pizza's my favourite pizza & I usually get the "Classic Super" - pepperoni, green peppers, fresh mushrooms & mozzarella cheese w/ a "Creamy Garlic" dipping sauce & would not DREAM of doing anything else w/ my crust. That sauce is one of life's greatest little pleasures for me. The sauces used to be free w/ a pizza, but now they're $0.69 & are actually sold @ the grocery store. Smart, capitalize.

April 18, 2007 @ 9:46 AM

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