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Freddie P. was right.  Back when we were working on his new blog we had a phone conversation he wrote about here.  I was feeling a pro-Raptors buzz and he wasn't.  This surprised me.

After tonight there are ten games left in the Raptors regular season and we're six games up on the Nets in the Atlantic division.  Math isn't my strong suit, but I like the odds we'll win the division for the first time in franchise history.  It will mark the first time we made the post season in the post-Vince Carter era and we're looking at potentially being the three seed in the conference.  This is all wonderful stuff, but all anyone wants to talk about is the Leafs.  Fred said nobody cared about the Raptors and I'm starting to agree with him.  We'd like to make the playoffs and maybe win a round or two, but our hunger for an NBA Championship is so dwarfed by our hunger for the Stanley Cup, there's little buzz to be felt.

I'm as guilty as anyone.  I root for the Raps, but I pray for the Leafs.  I'd love to see the Raps win the conference but I'd die of happiness if the Leafs won the conference.  The Raptors are 2nd class citizens in this town and it will always be that way so long as the Leafs exist.

It's a shame, but it's a fact.  If Bosh could throw a body check, he'd own this city.

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