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The Neo-Luddism Revolution Will Be Televised


I just realized that I know a lot of Mike's.  I suppose with a name that popular, everyone knows a lot of Mike's, I probably just notice it more because I am a Mike.

Mike Kic, I'll let you know when I'm dropping by to peruse the goods.  I know that neck of the woods very well.  Mike Hollick, this entry was inspired by something you said a few years ago.  Let's get to it, I've got a game to watch.

Almost three years ago I wrote about how I've never owned a mobile phone.  This fact remains true today.  I don't want a cell phone that's just a phone.  I've always said I'd buy one when there was a phone on the market that would do everything I felt it should.  I'm looking for a mobile device that's not only a phone but a decent digital camera, an MP3 player with acceptable storage space and has an operating system that would allow me to jump on another desktop and use it as I would a lap top.  I've yet to see such a device that nailed all these fine points but I've been reading quite a bit about the Apple iPhone.  I think the Apple iPhone is the one.

While excitedly telling Taryn about everything the iPhone will do I was deflated by her lack of enthusiasm.  She told me she just wanted a phone to be a phone and didn't care about the other stuff.  That reminded me of when I had my epiphany back in 2003.  I was looking at the towers of CDs in our living room and I realized I had to digitize the entire collection and get the disks themselves out of sight.  She fought me on that too, telling me CDs were fine and there was no need to rip them and free ourselves from the inherent limitations of such a medium.

That got me thinking about 2003 when I started ripping the first of 1232 complete albums and 19123 individual songs.  Like someone who had just found religion, I was preaching to everyone I knew about how this was the future and we wouldn't truly be free until our music was digitized and everywhere on demand.  Mike Hollick disagreed.  He couldn't foresee a time when he'd have to do the same.  He had his CDs and thought I was crazy for wanting more.  Recently, at an Argos game, he admitted he was wrong.  I forgave him as I've forgiven Taryn.  Some people just need a little more time to realize what they thought was freedom was actually an oppressive state of format slavery.

The neo-luddism revolution will be televised, and I'll probably be watching it on my iPhone.

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