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Who the Hell is Pete Doherty?


Sometimes you know someone but you're not sure why.  For me, that's the case with Pete Doherty.

I'm always reading about this Pete Doherty and his drug addiction, relationship with models and troubles with the law.  If it were Shannen Doherty, I'd understand all the press, but who the hell is Pete Doherty and why does he get so much attention for someone I've never heard of?

His Wikipedia page explains why I should know him.  He's "the singer and songwriter of the band Babyshambles, and formerly co-frontman and songwriter (along with Carl Barât) of The Libertines".  Wait a minute, I have The Libertines' "Up the Bracket" in my collection and I stick "Boys in the Band" on all sorts of playlists.  It turns out I do know Pete Doherty, I just didn't know him by name.

I still think this would be more exciting if we were talking about Shannon Doherty.  From "Heathers" to "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", she's the Doherty of choice.

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