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A Dangerous Trend


I'm a little concerned.  On Wednesday, I attended the Leafs game at the ACC and witnessed an uninspired performance by the blue and white.  The Avs creamed us 4-1.  Last night I was at Skydome to watch the Argos host the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  Again, the home team put in an inept offensive performance.  We didn't manage a single touchdown, getting our points with field goals, a touchback and a single.

It's quite possible that I'm the common denominator here.  It's probably best that I avoid attending games for a while.  I apologize to fellow Leaf and Argos fans.

The game left a lot to be desired, but I did see linebacker Mike O'Shea register his 1,000th career tackle.  He's the first Canadian to reach that plateau and third player overall, joining Willie Pless and Alondra Johnson.  The other highlight came during halftime when Bill Szijarto tried to kick a field goal from the 50-yard line for a cool mill.  He was good from 20 and 30, but he was short from 40 and 50.  I'm telling you, the place was electric.

Here are pictures from the game.  If you're a betting man, bet every penny you have that the Marlies will be shut out this afternoon.  I'll be at the Ricoh Coliseum and I sense this dangerous trend will continue.  Sigh.

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