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Street Cents, 1989 - 2006


The CBC has cancelled "Street Cents" and the last episode will air on October 1.  "Street Cents" has aired on Saturday mornings since 1989 and had me as an interested viewer throughout much of the 90s.  It's was a rarity on television, a show aimed at youth that had smarts.

During the years I watched, the heart and soul of the show was this guy, Jonathan Torrens, who hosted the show from 1989 to 1999.  Today, you'll likely know him best as J-Roc from "Trailer Park Boys", but to me he'll always be that guy who joined up with Benita Ha and Jamie Bradley to fight that evil corporate shmuck Ken Pompadour.  The show was sharpest in those early years before they killed off Pompadour's boss.

Apparently, teens don't want "Street Cents" anymore.  That's too bad.  How will they know what's fit for the pit?

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