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A Bust


Reality bites.  It was May 19 when I first wrote about the prospects of Ricky Williams becoming an Argo.  As both a CFL and Ricky Williams fan, I thought it was the coolest.  On May 26, with it looking more and more likely this was actually going to happen, I started to dream in technicolour.  Then, he finally signed and I got swept away in unparrelled Argo buzz.  I attended his first game in an Argo uniform and was on top of the world when I actually got to meet Ricky after the game.  I took plenty of pictures and looked fondly towards this magical season.

In the first game of the regular season, he ran for a pretty decent 96 yards but followed that up with only 14 yards against the Blue Bombers before running for 97 against the Lions.  Then, things went from mediocre to worse.  There was that six yard game against Winnipeg while I camped and yesterday, Ricky officially became a bust when he bust his arm against the Riders.  That might be it for Ricky Williams in double blue.

Things don't always work out as drawn on the board.  The buzz in this city was electric, but today we're left shaking our heads.  He's a cool cat who's proven himself in the NFL, but this season in Toronto will be looked back upon with dissapointment.

I was an Argos fan before Ricky and I'll be an Argos fan after Ricky.  I don't think I'll be picking up that #27 jersey, though.  Maybe I'll get a #7 Eric Crouch...

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