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The Monday Shuffle


Every Monday I shuffle my entire MP3 collection in iTunes and list the first ten songs that play.  Here are the ten tunes I heard today with a personal story about one of them.

  1. Lisa Likes Rock N' Roll - Ian Hunter
  2. Rat Trap - Bob Geldof & The Boomtown Rats
  3. Daughter - Pearl Jam
  4. Astronomy - Metallica
  5. Don't Start Me To Talkin' - Sonny Boy Williamson
  6. The Update - Beastie Boys
  7. It's Summertime - The Flaming Lips
  8. The Righteous & The Wicked - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  9. D-7 - Nirvana
  10. The New Maybe - The Tragically Hip

We just passed the anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death and the anniversary of the day we all learned about it.  I had a couple of emails asking me why I hadn't acknowledged the day with a Nirvana-themed entry.  There was the ten year anniversary entry in 2004 and the eleven year anniversary entry last year.

Truth be told, I didn't feel inspired to match what I wrote two years ago.  Instead, I marked the day with a single lined entry on the SLS page for "You Know You're Right".  I managed to sum everything up in three little words: "It still sucks."

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