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Gut The Pig


I awoke this morning to find my Maple Leafs sitting in eleventh place in the Eastern Conference.  We're five points behind Montreal for the final playoff position.  The window's closing, it's getting dark and I can feel a chill setting in.

The other day I received an email from someone with a connection at MLSE that suggests anything short of two victories over the next couple of days will result in "major changes".  The consensus is that Pat Quinn was unable to "accomodate the new style of the NHL".

Pat Quinn is not a strategist.  He's not about the X's and O's, he's about motivation and getting the most out of his veterans.  His players have stopped listening and that's rendered him useless in 2006.  He lives and dies by his loyalties, and his loyalty to Ed Belfour will cost us a chance at catching the Canadiens.  In the battle between Belfour and Father Time, Father Time has taken the lead.

Paul Maurice is a strategist.  I'll bet he's got an actual system which will give us an actual hope in hell.  I called for the axing of Quinn last month because as a Leafs fan I know it's a necessity.  If my inside source is correct, and I hope he is, we're looking at a blue and white fire sale and a total and complete gutting of the pig.

Grin and bare it fellow die-hards.  No pain... no gain.

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