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Anyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to  I received the following entry earlier today.

Zanta's Biggest Fan:
I don't believe i ever did mention Zanta to my brother Mike. I was astounded to read the blog on Zanta. Zanta lives in the next building to me, and spends the majority of his time at Scarlett and Eglinton.
The first Day I saw Zanta I was intimidated by his large muscles and rough exterior. Since that Day I have taken some time to talk to Zanta and I now enjoy our morning chats. Zanta now walks to me if he ever spots me in the area.
I will often hand a cigarette to Zanta and enjoy a smoke with him at 7:15 AM when I am waiting for my bus. Zanta is a very nice guy.  I can't imagine what has caused him to take to the streeets sceaming aloud his story of the abduction of his daughter (all the while wearing shorts with no shirt).. but behind the weird exterior of Zanta lies an interesting guy who I enjoy conversing with. I have sat with him countless time on the Scarlett bus when I go shopping on the weekends and he rides the bus to visit his father.
It is now at the point where i sit on my balcony and listen to his rants when i see him outside on the street. Sometimes, it is the most fun I have all Day.
I love you Zanta!!! .. For making life a little bit more interesting.

That's too funny.  You're right, we've never discussed Zanta, and yesterday I wrote this about him.  Kara chimed in with a comment which was the first time I learned you guys were buds.  It's a smaller city than you think.

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