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FCR5t2 in VMware Player Issue


I'm not sure how many geeks stuble upon these pages, but I'm hoping there's one or two out there who can help me with an issue I'm encountering.

On my pc, I run Fedora Core release 5 test 2 in a VMware Player.  When I'm in FCR5t2 all is well and I have internet connectivity but should I return to my Windows XP computer I'm offline.  I'm still online in my VMware Player, but I won't be able to access the internet on the Windows side until I restart my computer.

My Local Area Connection stays connected throughout, if that helps.  On my work computer, using the same virtual machine, I'm able to toggle back and forth from Windows to Linux while enjoying internet connectivity in both realms.

I've been messing with my Local Area Connection settings, disabling the firewall and trying the obvious, but I'm not having any luck.  Pocket protector peeps, you're my only hope.

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