MusicIs there a more dismissive term in the English language than "whatever"? Someone can tell me to f*ck off, go to hell or eat shit and die and I'm cool with it. "Whatever", however, is the lowest of the low.

I've been listening to a song from CDLX called "Whatever" that is the bomb (I know, I'm five years late on that one) and you can hear it right now streaming on this page. In fact, there are a few solid tunes that go by the name "Whatever". Here are good songs called "Whatever" that I frequently enjoy.

  • Whatever - Godsmack
  • Whatever - Butthole Surfers
  • Whatever - Our Lady Peace
  • Whatever - CDLX


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I remember going through a phase at about age of 14 when I lided a girl named Charlene and I said "Whatever" all the time. I have a clear memory of Mike getting pissed off about it as a teenager!!

True story!!

February 10, 2006 @ 11:30 AM

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