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Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following entry earlier today.

I have to agree with anonymous a few weeks back. I as well do not see any election signs in my area. We only had 1 person (representing a candidate) come to our door since the election was called. 2 of the major party candidates (NDP & Conservative) don't live in this riding. How can THEY represent us? Tomorrow is a LOSE-LOSE situation. Another election will be upon us shortly.

What a waste of taxpayers $$.

I still haven't made a choice-much like the rest of our country. It will be a game time decision.

      Twins from Bolton

The Liberal and NDP candidates in my riding have a bunch of signs in my neighbourhood, but I see as many Green Party signs as I do Conservative Party signs. We've had visits from Liberal, NDP and Green reps.

I wonder how many Canadians are making a game time decision? I wonder how game time decisions will break down? My hunch is the majority of game time decisions will benefit the Liberal Party as Canadians vote defensively as opposed to offensively.

I'll have both eyes on Ottawa tomorrow night. One will be watching election coverage, the other will be watching the Leafs and Sens.

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