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Anyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to  I received the following entry earlier today.

No DEFENSE when the going gets tough. It's time to step up & play beyond your ability. The Leafs can't do this when holding a lead as is evident the last 2 games. Eric & Eddie cannot keep the team close all year without the supporting cast. Proabably 1 of the best signings (Eric Lindros) the Leafs made, even though I'm not a fan of Eric's, but my mind is changing with his play the last 2 games as he was the best player during both of these games. Defense wins games in any sport & the Leafs have none. At least I saw them win the cup in 1967-this is Not their year. What happened with the Owen Nolan situation? Are the Leafs stuck with his contract this year or not?

Nolan's contract won't count against the salary cap, which is really all I care about.  I agree with you regarding The Big E.  He's been our best offensive player and he's getting little help.  Things looked rough before Sundin's injury, now things look particularly bleak.

Having said all that, we've only played 2 of 82 games and we've secured 1 of a possible 4 points.  We had leads late in both games, so we haven't been getting our butts handed to us.  Eventually we're going to win 1 or 2 of these suckers.  I hope...

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