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The Summer Of Discontent


Are you a Leafs fan?  Are you in the mood for supreme disappointment?  If you answered yes to these two questions, tab on over to this 2005 Transaction Log.

Big names were signed today.  Forsberg is with Philadelphia, Edmonton traded for Peca, the Islanders scored Satan, Vancouver held on to Naslund and our very own Brian Leetch signed with Boston.  Lots of teams are improving while Toronto watches from the sidelines.  As previously discussed, there's no room under the cap for anyone decent.  It's clear we're content to assemble a mediocre team this season in the hopes that more cap room next summer will allure big name players.  Twenty years ago, this type of behavior was expected from the Maple Leafs, but in 2005 it's not acceptable.  We demand a Stanley Cup contender and not a team that would require some luck to make the playoffs.

I'm angry.  Our 39 year drought is destined to continue.  Our dreams of a parade in June rest firmly on the shoulders of Jeff O'Neill and Jason Allison.  I think I'm going to be sick.

Has anyone called Dougie?  He could make this squad, even after being out of the game for a few years.  Hell, the Bobby Orr of today could make this team.  Other than damaged goods Allison and Lindros, is there any half-decent player headed our way?  Is it time to sign Lonny Bohonos?  I'm sorry Domi is on his way out because he could score 40 goals on this team.  At least the AHL Marlies are close by, we're going to need that team to play at the ACC.

Lets face it, when you're concerned Antropov might play in Russia next year, you're in a shitload of trouble.  Give me the number for Dimitri Yuskevich!  Things are getting so bad, I'd be pleased to read Hoglund was on his way back.  On second thought, things aren't quite that bad....yet.

Go Leafs Go!

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