Lisa On Ice

HomerFrom the moment I sat down at the age of fifteen to watch a Christmas special starring The Simpsons, I was hooked. I started taping each episode on VHS, even going so far as to edit out the commercials. These tapes were gold, allowing my brothers and I to watch the exceptional episodes from the first half dozen seasons over and over again.

During the sixth season, I simultaneously taped and watched the episode entitled Lisa On Ice. In this episode, Lisa and Bart compete head to head in a big hockey game. You would think the merging of hockey and The Simpsons would delight me, but this episode had the opposite effect. Compared to previous episodes, I found Lisa On Ice to be a huge disappointment. I didn't find it funny enough, I didn't deem it Simpsons-worthy and I was ever so angered by the fact the game clock ticked down during a penalty shot. I was so upset by this massive decline in quality that I immediately stopped taping episodes. These tapes I created stopped with Lisa On Ice.

Over the past few days, I've been revisiting season six on DVD. Moments ago, I completed Lisa On Ice and I laughed hysterically. Sure, I was still bothered by the clock ticking down during Bart's penalty shot, but I was pleased with the comedy and general Simpson-esque quality.

Ten years ago I saw The Simpsons decline begin, but I never stopped watching. I watched every episode of season sixteen and I can't wait for season seventeen. The Simpsons helped me survive high school, shaped the adult I became and is responsible for the vast majority of my parenting techniques. I am now 31 years old and for more than half of that time period I've had a family from Springfield to lean on, to laugh with and to show me the way.

May I never have to write about the series finale and may Homer never, ever change. As for Lisa On Ice, I highly recommend it. It's damn funny and definitely VHS worthy.

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