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An Open Letter To Toronto Bloggers

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I frequent a number of blogs on a regular basis.  A frequently updated and interesting blog beats a mainstream media site every day of the week.  This weekend, I decided I would write an entry about the top ten blogs in Toronto.

I first referenced my bookmarks, identifying those written by a Torontonian actually living in Toronto.  I then asked other blog readers as to which Toronto blogs were their favourites, and I checked those out.  I quickly came to realize the sad truth.  Toronto has few great blogs.

This is a huge city and home to great communicators, numerous intelligent and educated people as well as many creative artistic types.  Throw in our diversity and the e-savvy nature of our citizens and we should have the ideal breeding ground for tremendous blogs.  Where's the commitment?  Where's the interest?  Where's the passion?

This is an open letter to Toronto bloggers.  Lets put this city on the blogging map.  Lets do something here, something special, something groundbreaking.  The best city in the world should not accept mediocrity in any form.

Instead of the ten best blogs in Toronto, here are ten Toronto blogs I check out now and then, in alphabetical order.

BlogTO - interesting and fun local blog that's updated frequently.  Sweet.

daily dose of imagery - If you love photography and Toronto, this is your utopia.  It's a photoblog, and the author posts one picture a day.

Eye Weekly Blog - I've always loved the paper and the blog ain't bad either. - This blog really speaks to me.

photojunkie - Another decent site for the Toronto photographer.

Raymi the Minx - I'm quite conflicted when it comes to Raymi.  I like the "I just don't care" quality, but I often wonder how much of that is contrived.  I check in now and then, but it's sort of like peering at a car crash.  You know you shouldn't, but you do anyways.  I should also point out that Raymi gets naked...a lot.  Would a fully dressed Raymi be as popular?  Not a chance.  Clearly, I should devote an entire entry to Raymi, there is much I have to say.  If you want more, check out my interview with Raymi.

The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century - The Accordian Guy might be the anti-Raymi.  Luckily for us, he never gets naked.  There are frequent interesting posts, many with a Toronto flavour.

Torontoist - Like BlogTO, this is an interesting and fun local blog that's updated frequently.  In a nutshell, this is all I'm asking for.

Wholesome Goodness - I stumbled upon this blog one day while checking out the website of my alma mater U of T.  It's just a regular blog by a regular guy, one of thousands, but there's solid effort, a little passion and frequent updates.  I'll pop in and see what he's linking to, just to make sure I'm not missing anything cool.

Zoilus - Carl Wilson writes about music for the Globe and Mail and he maintains this blog.  As a huge fan of music and pop culture, I read it daily.

If I missed an awesome Toronto blog, let me know.  I love this damn city and I just want our bloggers to effectively reflect the awe I observe daily walking these streets.  Ladies and gentlemen, punch the keys!

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