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Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following earlier today.

Has anybody else noticed how hardcore they are pimping this new movie STEALTH? The very first time I say the preview I remember thinking this movie is going to blow. I'm guessing the studios got the same sentiment and felt they could off balance the suck-ness of this movie by trying to hype it up. At one point last week I almost wavered and thought this movie might be alright, but just as quickly I realized that this IS what they want me to think. I'm bet studios think they have a new bankable/respected black actor in Jamie Fox and they don't want his latest showing to be a bomb. So as long as they pull in a good opening weekend nobody will remember that STEALTH SUCKS. I think Jessica Biel is in the same boat, she'll be a future star, so again they don't want poor light cast on her. I will predict STEALTH takes largest box office revenues on its opening week. Can someone tell me why they would go see this movie???

I think the advisements have been over played and people are starting to get turned off by this. Look for ads to be scaled back. Piss in the mainstream.!

      Brent Carter

I'm guessing Jamie Foxx signed on to do that piece of crap before his recent successes and now he's damn ashamed. Meanwhile, the film company realizes they have the winner of the best actor award at the Academy Awards in this thing so they're going to promote the hell out of it trying to steal a huge opening weekend before the word gets out that it's horrible.

Who are these people who see movies without reading a single review?

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