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My iriver H10


For my birthday, my loved ones all threw a few bucks in my hat so I could buy myself an MP3 player.  It's the only gift I got and it's the only gift I really needed.  I had been doing a great deal of research these past few weeks to ensure I bought the right make and model for me.

I wanted a player that would hold a sufficient number of MP3s and play them with a top notch quality of sound.  Furthermore, I wanted a player with a good reputation, good navigation and a built-in FM tuner.  Finally, this player had to record voice and the radio, and convert these recording to MP3.  These were my rules as I began my search.

The iPod was eliminated right off the bat.  iPods are great if you just want to play MP3s, but I was looking for something a little more.  It didn't take long before the iriver H10 began to jump ahead of the pack.  The iriver H10 does everything I wanted my player to do, but it also allows you to view pictures and browse text files.  Another cool feature is the clock and alarm as well as the ability to program the recording of a particular radio station for a specific period of time.  Review after review praised the iriver H10 for producing awesome sound and many reviewers preferred the player straight up when compared to the iPod, without considering the extra features.

It's early yet, but I'm quite pleased with my choice.  I've got a large collection of MP3s and now I have a great player to hear them on when I'm on the go.  Thanks everyone!

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