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Clutch Hitters


If the early-90s Jays were trailing heading into their at bat in the 9th inning, I always felt confident we'd pull it out if Devon White, Roberto Alomar and Joe Carter or Paul Molitor were due up.  These were clutch guys, Alomar and Molitor particularly.  Certain players always seemed to come through when it mattered most.

A study by math and economics student Elan Fuld of the University of Pennsylvania set out to prove who the greatest clutch hitters were.  Fuld defined a clutch hitter as one who hits better at more important moments. He studied stats on 1,075 Major League players in the 1974-1992 seasons.  Factors determining a clutch hit: how many bases were occupied, the score at the time, the inning, and how many outs. He also counted sacrifice flies, in which a runner scores but no hit is recorded.

Frank Duffy, Eddie Murray and Luis Gomez stood out as the greatest under pressure.  1974-1992 data is a little old to prove how clutch Alomar was.  You'll have to take my word for it.

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