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Moshing With PJ Fresh Phil


YTV used to have young people hosting their programming they called PJs.  I never did understand what the P stood for but understood this was a play on the MTV and Muchmusic VJs.  The PJs may still be around but I wouldn't know not having spent a minute on YTV in quite some time.  One of their more popular PJs in the mid-90s was a dude they called Fresh Phil.

I used to frequent The Phoenix in downtown Toronto and mosh into the wee hours of the night.  I did this regularly when they were playing my kind of tunes.  More often than not, on a Monday night, PJ Fresh Phil would be there too, head banging away to his heart's content.

I often wanted to approach him to say "You're PJ Fresh Phil!" but I never did.  With the lights down low and the music turned up I felt it was his sanctuary from PJ-hood.  It was his time to freak out on the dance floor without having to converse with a puppet or cow-tow to the pre-teen crowd.

I just let him be.

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