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McDoug and the 10¢ Raise


An entry earlier this week reminded me of a time long ago when I was making minimum wage.  For about a year before joining Oshawa Foods as a grocery clerk, I flipped burgers at McDonalds.

I vividly remember the moment I knew I couldn't stay much longer at the fast food chain.  After a year of service, I had a meeting with the manager, a man we called McDoug.  McDoug was to give me a review and inform me as to what kind of raise I was in store for.  I'll never forget the extremely serious expression on his face when he told me I'd be making an extra dime an hour as a result of my good performance.

I had to bite my lip to prevent myself from laughing hysterically.  I can still taste the blood.  Even as a teen I was intelligent enough to realize that during a typical 25 hour work week I'd be seeing an increase of $2.50 on my gross pay.  I would have been happier to learn I wasn't getting any increase.  Receiving a 10¢ "raise" was akin to receiving a slap in the face.

Immediately following my meeting with McDoug I set the wheels in motion to flee the coop.  Thanks McDoug, wherever you are.

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