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Steve Nash For MVP

Steve Nash For MVP

We should all get behind the campaign to have Steve Nash named MVP of the NBA this season.  Eric Neel's "A Candidate We Can All Root For" says it best. "If Steve Nash is the MVP, we're not about wars of attrition, muscle-bound match-ups, and watch-the-paint-dry isolations. We're about pace, about play, about players, and about the game we know and love from the schoolyards and those grainy Showtime games on NBA TV.".

The Suns won 29 games all last year but they're going to win that many by mid-January this season and it's all because of Steve Nash.  When the Canadian basketball team failed to qualify for the 2004 Olympic games in Athens, I wrote this entry in which I trashed Canadian basketball stars for refusing to give up their summer to play for the red and white.  Steve Nash did give up his summer for the cause and deserved every word of praise I wrote for him.  "We won't be in Athens, but don't place the blame on Steve Nash. This man is a Canadian basketball god and single handedly carried our team into the final four. This product of Victoria, BC is far and away the greatest basketball player our nation has ever produced. We're not worthy."

I actually think more highly of him now than I did back then.  The Phoenix Suns are 18-3 with Nash averaging 11 assists a game and 15.6 points a game thanks to a .533 field-goal percentage and .414 shooting from behind the 3 point line.  More importantly, Nash has the Suns scoring 109 points a night, 14 points above the league average.  Nash is the Canadian at the helm of the NBA's best team and a worthy MVP.

Steve Nash for MVP! Steve Nash for MVP! Steve Nash for MVP!

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